The Reintroduction — Game Design Again

Some rights reserved  by  katerha , no modifications

Some rights reserved by katerha, no modifications

I’ve set about to revitalize my work in game design, something in which I have less trouble than usual admitting that I’m skilled. To keep things simple, I’ve limited myself to working on three projects at the moment:

  • Storybox, a story-telling game where moments of inspiration are fueled by a box of random objects (practically in working order, but it’s in need of further testing)

  • Invisible, a game essentially attempting to put into relatable metaphor the experience of being seen as less-than-human (this one will require a full overhaul, I’m sure)

  • A book of 13 alternative games using a standard deck of playing cards

I feel as though starting with the playing card game book will be the first most rewarding overall, in terms of time and work put in, as well as marketability. It’ll be a good chance to restrengthen my design chops, it’s as accessible as having a deck of cards handy and the willingness to learn a new game, and I like the idea of prepending each game with a card value.

It’s also my intention to keep this blog handy as a journal of my endeavors, with insight into the process and updates as to the completion of the projects. I’ve never successfully kept a diary of any kind for very long, but one can always hope. Signing off here, but look forward to a post on the notion of iterating many different experiences using the same resources vis-à-vis the poker deck collection.

Thanks for reading, as always.