One of my favorite things in looking at any document, digital or print, is seeing how the information is presented: not only with charts, images, and pull quotes, but also with typefaces, headings, margins, and the rest. I have experience making things flow well to the reader, whether it be mainly images or a series of tables full of data.

I aim for that state of interaction where the material fades away and the information becomes the only focus. There are many ways to get your point across; be sure you’re not hindering it by making it difficult to receive.


I have been designing games of various types in my spare time since 2009, including video games, card games, and story-telling games. I pride myself in the pursuit of the unseen angle when it comes to bringing a concept to life, while following the route of creating the most minimal viable product possible to begin testing as soon as is feasible.

Games have the potential to give us a space to practice skills in risk-free environments, as well as foster community among those who might not otherwise share time together. Games are much more than pastimes for enjoyment; they are teaching tools that can help us realize things about ourselves, much like any good art does.


I’ve been known to dabble in web design, simple graphic design, and other creative endeavors such as Arduino programming for interactive exhibits. I’m always up for a challenge, and I have a good sense for my limitations.

If you have a need for game design, want a hand with layout, or have a challenging project that needs another set of eyes, brains, or hands, feel free to reach out using the Contact page.